Alpine Septic and Pumping Inc.


Pumping Services:

  • Septic Tanks 
  • Grease Traps 
  • Lift Station Maintenance 
  • Holding Tanks 
  • Sand Separators 
  • Sand/Oil Separators 

Sewer and Drain Services:

  • Sewer Line Cleaning 
  • Storm Drains 
  • TV Camera Inspections 
  • Sewer Lines Repaired
  • Hydrovac Services 
  • BMP Maintenance & Cleaning 


Established in 1996                             NV. License # 0059875

Certified in Collection System Maintenance by the California Wastewater Environmental Association

Sewer Main Line Cleaning (Pipe sizes 4”- 36”)

Storm Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Lift Station Pumping & Maintenance

Video Inspection of Sewer Lines

Sewer Line & Manhole

Repair Hydro Vac Services

Confined Space Entry

Alpine Septic uses Vactor combo sewer cleaners which we feel is the best sewer cleaning equipment in the industry. CALL US TODAY FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR QUOTES ABOUT OUR SERVICES. WE LOOK FORWARD TO DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU! (530) 577-7867 Office (530) 416-8831 Dave Brewer / Owner Operator (775) 291-8711 Mike Carrion / Driver